A Reflection of Fear

aka: Autumn Child / Labyrinth
VHS: 恐怖の影

1971 アメリカ

Direct: William A. Fraker
Novel: Stanton Forbes "Go To Thy Deathbed"
Script: Lewis John Carlino + Edward Hume
Score: Fred Myrow
Produce: Howard B. Jaffe
Cast: Sondra Locke (Marguerite) + Robert Shaw (Michael) + Sally Kellerman (Anne) + Mary Ure (Katherine) + Signe Hasso (Julia) + Mitch Ryan (Inspector McKenna) + Gordon Devol (Hector) + Gordon Anderson (Aaron's voice) + Victoria Risk (Peggy) + Leonard Crofoot (Aaron) + Michael St. Clair (Kevin) + Liam Dunn (Coroner)

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